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November 2020

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to share with you the latest edition of the CPME Monthly Bulletin, including the outcomes of the virtual Executive Committee meeting held on 19 November 2020.

Various items were discussed in our Executive Committee meeting, including the decision to join the World Health Professions’ Alliance campaign to “Stand up for Positive Practice Environments”.

I would like to take the opportunity and thank all of you for your active and engaged participation in our meetings 20-21 November. It was a new experience to have an online-only General Assembly and thanks to you, it went smoothly. However, I very much look forward to in-person meetings in the future.

We hope the bulletin is informative and we invite you to consult our latest news and the members’ section of our website.

Kind regards stay healthy!

Prof. Dr Frank Ulrich Montgomery CPME President

Executive Committee meeting 19 November 2020


Draft Budget 2021

The Executive Committee recommended the draft budget 2021 to be adopted by the General Assembly and took note of the accounts 30/09/2020.

Internal affairs

GA and Board, November 2020

The Executive Committee was updated about some last changes in the draft agendas.


Joint EMOs action on “European Health Union”

The Executive Committee agreed to proceed with a joint EMOs’ letter addressed to Commission President von der Leyen with a general statement on the European Health Union and a meeting request. The Executive Committee commissioned the Secretariat to work on a draft.
The initiative was discussed at the meeting of the EMOs’ presidents in October, at which FEMS and EANA had circulated drafts. Since then, a first set of policy and legislative proposals in the framework of the European Health Union have been published and an in-depth analysis is ongoing.

Croatian Medical Chamber survey request on patient ombudsman

The Executive Committee decided toforward the Croatian Medical Chamber’s question on the European patient ombudsman mechanisms to the membership.
Currently, there is no comprehensive overview available. This was confirmed also by the European Patients’ Forum (EPF).

Social Europe consultation

The Executive Committee adopted the CPME response to the consultation on Social Europe.

The consultation aims to scope future EU level action to further implement the European Pillar of Social Rights launched in 2017. The CPME response highlights the need to improve access to healthcare and to ensure safe and legal working conditions and employment environment for doctors.

Lancet Countdown 2020

The Executive Committee endorsed the Lancet Countdown EU Policy Brief 2020 focusing on climate change’s impact on cities, infectious diseases, and economic costs.
The recommendations target policymakers with the goal of taking advantage of the health opportunities of an effective response to climate change. The EU Policy Brief will be co-published by CPME and the Lancet Countdown on 7 December. CPME collaborated with the Lancet Countdown also with the 2019 and 2018 editions.

Strengthening the mandate and capacity of the ECDC

The Executive Committee decided to not endorse the background note of the European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) which recommends extending the scope of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) to chronic diseases.
CPME is however asking to enhance the role of ECDC by increasing its competences, budget, and staff in the scope of infectious diseases.

WHPA campaign ‘Stand up for Positive Practice Environments’

The Executive Committee decided to join thecampaign‘Stand up for Positive Practice Environments’.
The initiative is coordinated by the World Health Professions’ Alliance, including the WMA. The EC agreed to the dissemination of the campaign material to the CPME membership. WMA will be informed of the decision.

European Citizens’ Initiative “Right to Cure”

The Executive Committee decided to not join the Right to Cure initiative given the fact that it is led by an association “Medicine pour le people” founded and run by the Belgian Marxist political party.


Data Governance Act

On 25 November, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a European Data Governance (also known as the Data Governance Act). The Regulation aims at increasing trust in data sharing (lack of trust currently being a major obstacle and resulting in high costs), creating new EU rules on neutrality to allow novel data intermediaries to function as trustworthy organizers of data sharing, facilitating the reuse of certain data held by the public sector (e.g. health data to advance research to find cures for rare or chronic diseases), providing means to Europeans to control the data they generate, by making it easier for companies and individuals to voluntarily make their data available for the wider common good under certain conditions. This is the first initiative of the 2020 European Strategy for Data. More dedicated proposals on data spaces are expected to follow 2021 complemented by a Data Act to foster data sharing among businesses, and between businesses and governments. For further information, please see here. CPME intends to analyze this proposal in more detail. The first scan so far points out to:

  • -  the creation of an expert group called the “European Data Innovation Board” consisting of Member States, the European Commission, the EDPB, representatives of data spaces and other competent authorities

  • -  the designation of specific competent authorities to monitor compliance of data sharing providers of certain rules, namely that they remain neutral in relation to the data exchanged (they cannot use data for other purposes). These competent authorities will be different than the data protection authorities.

  • -  A new undefined concept of “pre-processed data” under Article 5 of the proposal consisting of rendering personal data anonymous or pseudonymized. Pursuant to the GDPR, the action of anonymization or pseudonymization is considering processing personal data and therefore under the GDPR regime.

Statement on the future ePrivacy Regulation

On 19 November, the EDPB adopted a statement on the future ePrivacy Regulation and the future role of supervisory authorities and the EDPB in this context. The EDPB expressed concerns about some new orientations of the discussions in the Council concerning the enforcement of the future ePrivacy Regulation. Many provisions of the GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation are closely

intertwined. Consistent interpretation and enforcement of both sets of rules would be better fulfilled if the enforcement of those parts of the ePrivacy Regulation and the GDPR would be entrusted to the same authority. The EDPB also stressed the need to adopt the new Regulation as soon as possible. In 2017, CPME issued a statement in relation to the Commission’s ePrivacy Regulation Proposal, focusing on the impact that the regulation could have on medical confidentiality and health data privacy.


Joint Statement on Data Protection and Privacy in the COVID-19 Response

On 19 November 2020, the United Nations, IOM, ITU, OCHA, OHCHR, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNOPS, UPU, UN Volunteers, UN Women, WFP and WHO support the adoption of this joint statement, in line with the UN personal Data Protection and Privacy Principles adopted by the UN System Organizations to support its use of data and technology in the COVID-19 response in a way that respects the right to privacy and other human rights and promotes economic and social development.

European Health Data Space (EHDS)

On 17 November, the EDPS published the ‘Preliminary Opinion 8/2020 on the European Health Data Space’. The EDPS highlights the essential elements that need to be considered when developing the EHDS. These include: the legal basis on which data processing in the space should rely (support is given for public interest legal basis as opposed to consent); the legitimacy of further data processing in the space; clarity in relation to the designation of actors involved in data processing within the space; clarity in relation to the categories of data processed within the space the EDPS proposes that only anonymous and aggregate data should, as a rule, be processed; a ‘comprehensive security infrastructure’ and the utility of data protection impact assessments in assessing relevant risks needs to be addressed; consider the ethical use of data within the space and, where relevant, the involvement of ethics committees; a strong data governance approach; data to be processed by entities respecting European values and in line with considerations of ‘digital sovereignty; and achieve the implementation of data portability principles in the space. The positions taken in the Preliminary Opinion remain general. However, more specific positions are likely to be offered as more details on the shape and legal framework of the space emerge. CPME will adapt its draft position on the EHDS taking into account the EDPS preliminary opinion.


eHealth network meeting

On 12-13 November, the eHealth Network met to discuss the EU Health Data Space, the EU investment programmes related to health, COVID-19 coordinated actions, future activities, the eHealth Digital Service Infrasturcture’ (eHDSI), interoperability of patient summaries, cybersecurity, the eHealth Joint Action, and the priorities of the Portuguese presidency. Please find the meeting agenda, cover notes, presentations and adopted documents here. The eHealth Network is a voluntary network of Member States’ competent authorities responsible for eHealth and to facilitate interoperability, the network developed an IT tool called the eHDSI with the scope of exchanging health data under the Connection Europe facility programme.

Portuguese Priorities

Digital transformation continues to be a key priority for the health sector. Focus will remain on the development of the EU Health Data Space, a common approach for capacity building on the exchange of medical information as well as on how to access and reuse health data for better research and public health outcomes, and stronger emphasis will be given to the use of telehealth. The events standing out are:

  1. i)  the eHealth Summit in June (3 day event) discussing telehealth, EHR interoperability and data reuse;

  2. ii)  19th meeting of the eHealth Network in June.

Main outcomes for this meeting are:

i) a policy statement on the EU digital transformation in healthcare and the removal of

barriers to cross-border telehealth;
ii) ii) deployment of cross-border telehealth service. Please see attached the

presentation of the PT Presidency concerning their priorities and cover note.

European Parliament AIDA committee Hearing on AI and health

On 02 December, the AIDA committee met to conduct an event including two panels on AI and health. The first panel focused on digital governance with the participation of the Minister of Digital Governance of Greece, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, as well as the Head of Unit Public Heatth Functions, ECDC, Vicky Lefevre and Deputy Director Genera of DG-SANTE, Claire Bury. The second panel will feature the participation of representatives of the industry, civil society and academia and will focus on uses of AI in the health sector and current challenges and opportunities. Further information can be found here.

Health ministers video conference

On 02 December European health ministers met in a video conference discussing the “European Health Union package” with three legislative proposals being discussed. Further Information please see here.

Upcoming events

  • -  04/12/2020: eHealth Stakeholders Group meeting; to be attended by Prof. Dr. Georgios Raptis and Sara Roda on the CPME’s part

  • -  14/12/2020: German Presidency and the Fundamental Rights Agency: Conference on AI and human rights

  • -  15/12/2020: EMA Joint Big Data Steering Group event to be attended by Sara Roda.


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CPME General Assembly and Board meeting

On 21st of November, CPME’s online General Assembly and Board meeting took place. The outcomes of our meetings, including the policies voted upon, can be accessed here.

Call to join the CPME WG on Vaccination

On 21 November, the CPME Board decided to establish a new working group on vaccination. The first online meeting of this group will take place on Tuesday, 15 December, at 14:00-15:00 (CET). Practical details and the agenda will be provided closer to the meeting. Should you be interested in joining the WG, please contact Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..

Lancet Countdown 2020

CPME is collaborating with the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change also this year. The new EU policy brief will be launched on 7 December at 4pm. Please register to watch the launch event live here.

Campaign: “Stand up for Positive Practice Environments”

We are pleased to present to you the “Stand up for Positive Practice Environments” campaign launched by the World Health Professions Alliance, and would like to invite our members to take part in it. With this campaign, global representatives of health professionals wish to support national medical associations and others in outreach to their members and policy-makers with suggestions on improving working environments.

Campaign materials are available in English, French and Spanish. The campaign booklet for health employers, managers and professionals is available here. The campaign booklet for national organizations representing health care professionals can be accessed here.
Social media tiles for PR purposes are available

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